Biomarker data

the path to a better you.

Build Your Health Blueprint

The challenge of prevention…

Medicine has become reactive – focused on pain, rather than prevention. Until now.

...gets a new solution.

Knowing your body is the first step – catching the minor things before they become major.

simple. beautiful. actionable. data.

Take control of your health today.

$199 for advanced biomarker data, personalized to you and visualized at your fingertips.


Receive simple, beautiful, and actionable blood data in the palm of your hand with the MyMark app.


Explore deep clinical feedback and earn rewards for making progress towards your personal action plan.


Enhance your performance with an evolving blueprint of your health that deepens with each recurring test.

Privacy is a priority.

True, tried and certified.

A PhD in your pocket.

Bringing data to life.


Meet the experts that keep MyMark at the cutting edge.

Dr. Ryan Greene, DO, MS

Dr. Yannick Guillodo

Lauren Cornell, RD&N

Your future, without compromise.

We all make compromises everyday; some by choice, but often not. But if there's one thing we should never have to compromise on, it's our health.

That's why we created MyMark – to build your future, without compromise.

Unlock your potential.

A quick at-home test provides simple, beautiful, actionable data, putting you in control of your health.

$299 $199 for a 3 month subscription.

Each subscription includes:

  • 1 at-home blood test
  • iOS / Android application
  • 3 months of actionable data and progress tracking in app

You will not be charged today! Your card will only be charged when your kit ships in December, and your subscription can be canceled at anytime until then. Please read our Pre-Sale Agreement here.